When will Anti Doping testing take place

In-competition testing began at the World Pole Sports Championships 2014 and continues today.

Out-of-competition testing will begin in 2018.

How will it take place

Notification of selection for a doping test

  • The person notifying will show ID
  • The athlete will also have to show ID

Reporting for testing to the Doping Control Station

  • The athlete needs to report immediately for testing, unless they request a delay (more on this later)
  • The athlete will be chaperoned at all times

Selecting a collection vessel

  • There will be a minimum of 3 kits to choose from
  • Unless there is a reason, e.g. disability, the athlete will be the only person to handle the testing equipment

Providing the sample under supervision

  • Athletes will be directly observed
  • The sample must be a minimum of 90mls (if not, additional samples may be required)

Selecting the sampling kit

  • There will be a minimum of 2 kits to choose from

Dividing and sealing the sample

  • B bottle first, then A, then B if there is any of the sample left
  • The athlete will seal the sample

Testing the suitability of the sample

  • The sample’s concentration will be tested to make sure it is suitable for analysis

Recording and certifying the information

  • The athlete will complete the Doping Control Form (DCF) and sign to verify it is their sample. They will be given a copy
  • The athlete must also record anything they have taken in the last 7 days including medications and supplements

Athletes have the right:

  • To see DCP identification
  • To be accompanied by a representative
  • To a DCO of the same gender
  • To comment on the testing procedures
  • To receive a copy of the DCF
  • Confidentiality at the laboratory
  • To request a delay in reporting to DCS

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