Clubs/Studios Membership


A Club / Studio membership will have to adhere to strict requirements in accordance with pole sports.  You will get many benefits and lots of support for your Club / Studio. To be a Club / Studio with Israel Pole Sport Association (IPSA) membership will show you have the highest credentials in the discipline of pole in your training environment and for each of your instructors. Your studio does not have to only teach pole, just show how you incorporate the sport into your schedule and how you support athletes to reach their full potential should they choose to participate in pole sports.

You earn the following benefits:

  • Discount on World Pole Sport Competitions (WPSC) tickets
  • Discount on tickets for your National Championships in your country
  • Discounts on hosting training courses
  • Extra discounts for group ticket numbers
  • Instructors will have voting rights on several committee issues throughout the year
  • Welcome pack
  • Monthly members newsletter
  • Discounts for goods in affiliated businesses
  • Support with anti-doping expectations
  • (if not supplying insurance) Advice about insurances
  • Recognition on our IPSA website


£25 (GBP) - [convert number=25 from="gbp" to="ils"] ILS Annually